Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Keaton Row Vs. Stitch Fix.

Ugh. The more I read other bloggers posts about their awesome Stitch Fix experiences the more disappointed and annoyed I become. I also become more anxious to receive Fix #2 to see if they listen to my feedback and actually LOOK at my pinterest board. Luckily for me, one of my lovely pharmacists used my referral code to order themselves a fix, so my next delivery is free and I'll have an extra $5 left over to apply to any purchase. I DID check out this other stylist service in the meantime, Keaton Row. It's a bit different. You again, fill out a questionnaire and request a lookbook. Then they pick out 3 stylists they think you'll be a good match with and you choose which one you want based on their profile. You can also request new choices if you don't like the ones they picked for you. Then the stylist contacts you, asks you a few questions and starts pulling looks for you. Nothing gets mailed to you, but they send you a link to your lookbook which has 10-12 pages of outfits and items picked out for you. They work with some pretty high end boutiques, so the prices can be INSANE, however, my stylist knew my budget and threw in some less expensive items. She also mentioned that they were working on setting up a partnership with other stores so that they could carry more pieces that are at a lower price point. I adored 95% of what she picked out for me. So much so that I already owned similar items and/or had pinned the EXACT thing she picked out to a style pinterest board. The stylist leaves little notes on some of the pieces to give you a clue as to why she chose it. She definitely paid attention to my love of old man prints and quirky prints while trying to update them to be more on trend. I really appreciated her effort. I do plan on buying at least one piece as a thank you because these stylists work on commission. You can also submit a portfolio to apply to become a stylist. Which I thought was pretty cool. If I were a more stylish individual I might just do that. I liked the promptness of Keaton Row. It took them a few days to pick a few stylists for me, but as soon as I chose one I had a lookbook by that evening. I also like that you get so many pieces to choose from. The best part? The styling is free. They only get paid if you buy something. There's no box on your doorstep full of things to try on, but because of the convenience of the internet, if you don't like something, you can tell them ASAP and get it changed just as quickly. I would encourage people to try Keaton Row. Especially as soon as they start working with those lower price point stores.

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