Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stitch Fix #5 - BEST. FIX. EVER.

OMFG You guys. Seriously. I had a thought. It's like Stitch Fix is a Rules girl. Remember that book? And all the crazy dating advice it gave you to make men want you? All the playing hard to get and remaining a mystery and such? Well, Stitch Fix has been luring me in and pushing me away and FINALLY after all that teasing, they gave me EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. I'm keeping everything. That's right. I said it. Everything. All the items. They all fit perfectly. They were all flattering. They were all adorable. The prices were all awesome (in the context of Stitch Fix, anyway). I just can't even. All my previous sadness is forgotten. You win Stitch Fix. You win. I should point out that I asked for something green as I am singing in a St. Patty's Day concert. I also continued to demand grown up person pants. On to zee fix!!!

PANTS! HOLY CRAP! Like....normal person pants. Like....over the age of 18 pants. Pants I can move in. Pants that aren't suction cupped to my thighs. Pants that are long enough. Holy Jesus. These are the Margaret M Ariel Trouser in dark gray. They are being offered for $68. Why, yes. I think I will. They are a size 8 and they will look lovely with some heels. Enjoy my argyle socks. Note the lack of splotches on my mirror. You are most welcome.

This cardigan rocks. It is the Caramela Benfield Drape Front Cardigan in Purple. $58 smackers. I *might* have an addiction to drapey cardigans I can wrap around my freezing cold torso. No idea why....*cough* still 10 degrees in March. Curse you Mother Nature!!! *cough* It's so soft. And it is all mine. 

Close up of the heathered portion.

This is two items. First the 41 Hawthorn Freddy Sleeveless Chiffon Dress in green. Green is my favorite color. Also $58. I was concerned about the silhouette. I thought it might make me look bunchy or shorter in the torso, but I dig it. I need to lift some weights and get a jacket, but this is very nice! We also have the Zad Cassy Hollowed Clover Long Necklace. $28. Hello. No brainer. This is my perfect accessory.

Close up of pretty clover necklace that is ALL MINE.

And finally, because I'm a sucker for a scarf AND a quirky print The Look By M Lara Bicycle Print Infinity Scarf. DUDE. BICYCLES. Oh right...$36. 

Close up of the cuteness. YAY!

Yeah...this was what I've been waiting for. The big winner in which I buy all the things. So, The total was $248. Minus the $25 credit. Minus the 25% off discount for buying ALL THE THINGS! I'm paying $166 for all five pieces, which works out to about $33 a piece. Not bad if I do say so myself. I think Stitch Fix is getting better little by little. They definitely listened to everything I had to say last time. It was honest, but it wasn't great. I tried to be diplomatic, but I was pretty let down. I had Sasha again and she did a brilliant job this time around. I tend to think that sometimes these poor stylists get hosed by what they have in stock. Or lack thereof. I still think this can be remedied by communicating with the clients. Asking them if they mind waiting an extra week or letting them know what alternatives there are if what they're looking for isn't something that's available. A quick email would be enough. I hope they take those suggestions I made to heart in my responses from last month. As always, I appreciate it when people use my referral link, so Here it is again. If nothing else, this has been an adventure and I have some GREAT pieces that I love to wear, even if I've had some serious duds. I will continue on in my relationship with Stitch Fix, especially since it's hard for me to shop what with work and school and all. Did I mention that Organic Chemistry is a bitch? Have you guys tried Stitch Fix yet? What did you think?


  1. I want that sweater. Seriously. It looks sooooo comfy. :)

    1. Dude. It is SO soft and fabulous. And LONG which I also love. I'm always flipping freezing. I need sweaters.