Saturday, March 22, 2014

Petit Vour Box Review!!!!

Hello. Again. Shall I dive right into it?
I've been anxiously awaiting the Petit Vour box. It's 100 % vegan beauty products! $15 a month and wholesome vegan beauty guaranteed. They ALSO have a points program. I'm looking forward to purchasing some awesome discounted vegan beauty stuff!

  • NCLA nail wraps! $18!!!! Two applications with a CUTE floral pattern. I am REALLY looking forward to putting these on. They came with their own emery board, too!
  • Lotus Wei Balancing serum. It's an aromatherapy serum that you put on your pulse points to re-energize you. It smells lovely. Kind of citrus-y and kind of floral-y. Not at all overwhelming. Full size is $50 for 50 mL. This is a 10mL sample, so a value of $10
  • California Natural Skin care set. This sample was three tiny pods one was a balancing complex, one was a gel face wash and one was a nourishing cream. There's no size on any of these, so I'm going to estimate about $3 for the value on these. They're less expensive, so about $1 a pod.
  • I.C.O.N. India oil ~ Vegan hair serum This is the dark little bottle to the left. It's a good sized sample. 10mL. The full size is 114 mL and costs $40, so the value of this sample is $3.50
  • LAFACE Hydrating and firming body lotion These are two foil packs. $80 for full size, so the value of the packs is $2.80
The total value of this box was about $37. I paid $15, so I'm not cranky about that. I am a little bummed that there wasn't a single make-up item. Bummer. I did REALLY like the nail wraps and the balancing serum. I was less than thrilled with the foil wrap samples. 

I haven't decided if I'm going to continue with this box. There were others I liked a lot more. We'll see how the points system pans out when they send me my survey. If I get big savings, I might overlook it, although there wasn't anything I really wanted to buy in this box.

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