Saturday, March 1, 2014

Klutch Box goodies!!!

Hello all in blogger land. I recently received a rather awesome coupon from Klutch Box (again). This time they'd send me their New Year's Resolution box for $2 plus shipping ($8)! It had previously sold for $25. I really enjoyed the first box, so I said, what the hell! It arrived yesterday and I was totally stoked when I opened it. Check out the photo...
As you can see, a wide variety of food stuffs for being healthy and getting in shape in the New Year. Some of the samples were rather large, so I was VERY pleasantly surprised. I absolutely feel like I got my money's worth with this purchase.

I received:
  1. The Jaali bean lentil and rice. I got one of these in the last one. That one was coconut rice. I love that they include these. I haven't had one yet, but I will be cooking one up shortly. 
  2. Core Power Protein drink. Strawberry banana flavor. This thing has 20 grams of protein in it. Bam! Protein. It's labeled *light*, but I was pleased to see that it was sweetened with Stevia and not some other wretched sugar substitute.
  3. FRS Healthy Slim appetite control and natural sustained energy chews. Strawberry Melon flavor. They sent a bag of 28 chews! I'll really be able to get a sense if they're working or not. They taste pretty good. It's supposed to help you feel fuller faster and give you more energy. I've been trying them. I'm not sure if they're doing anything. I'll report back.
  4. Agro Labs wheatgrass shot. I'm so excited to try this. All organic and made with banana and pear juice. Full of B Vitamins and green tea extract. 
  5. Power Bar performance energy blends in banana blueberry.I guess you're supposed to eat this before you go to the gym to give "fast energy to muscles". Again, no artificial ingredients. We like that here. The taste is...a little odd, but not bad.
  6. KICK BUTT amped energy balls. I'm always tired from work and school, so I was excited to see these. They say they're grape flavored, but there's chocolate, honey and caramel in them. Hrrmmm...there's caffeine, creatine and ginseng in them. 
  7. The next thing was a bottle of 30 capsules of raspberry ketones. I had to look up why I wanted to take that. I guess they're supposed to rev up your metabolism and aid in weight loss. I was stoked that they sent such a big bottle. I've been taking them the last two days. I'll let you know if anything happens.
  8. IPS egg white chips! Aged white cheddar flavor! I'm saving these for a school day. Gluten free, all natural. 130 calories in the bag. I hope they're tasty.
  9. Think Thin chunky peanut butter bar. It's sugar free and gluten free and has 20 grams of protein in it. Basically a protein snack, so you don't fall of the proverbial diet wagon when you're on the go.
  10. Think Thin Crunch coconut chocolate and mixed nuts bar. NOM. Also heavy on the protein.
  11. OMG! Antioxidant drink. It was....not good. All I could taste was weird berry-ish flavor and artificial sweetener. I hate artificial sweeteners. 
I also got a few coupons for some of the products in the box. I'm so happy with these boxes. I get to try all kinds of tasty (mostly) new products. I would have a hard time paying full price, but I certainly will take them up on any and all discount codes they'd like to send me. Anyone else ever try one? 

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