Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stitch Fix #4. Womp womp.

*Sigh* I just....Oh, I don't even know, you guys. As I mentioned previously, I knew I was going to be hella disappointed with this fix. I'm bringing hella back, btw. And I was. So very disappointed. I had Sasha again as a stylist and she started off her note telling me that their stock was very low. Great. I feel like that's $20 wasted. I MUCH rather would have gotten an e-mail asking me if I would mind postponing my fix a week or two until my requests could be accommodated. I'd be happy to wait if it meant that I would receive the items I wanted. Anyhoo, I did receive embellished tops, as I'd asked for, so that was cool. I got a repeat top from a previous box in a different color and a maxi skirt instead of the pants I wanted. What I was most bummed about was the price point of the box as a whole, the fact that they could not accommodate a request for pants that are not skinny jeans and that there was only one piece that would really be appropriate for me to wear given the weather we're having right now. It is a whopping 12 degrees fahrenheit right now, you guys. I am chilled to the bone.  They DID respond to my e-mail, however I don't really think that they looked at my account history or really read my request. They thought I had wanted jeans (wrong-o) and also said they couldn't guarantee that every piece would be less than $50 (also, not what I said). I'm debating replying and correcting the things they misunderstood. ANYHOO. On to my box of sadness. I am watching TNG while I write this in an attempt to cheer me up. Maybe I'll also have whiskey. We'll see.

Pardon my hair. I just got back from class and it is matted from my hat. I debated even posting this because it makes me look lumpy. Then I thought, nah, view the lumps. Understand my disappointment with this piece. This is the Lily Bethanie Side-Ruched knit top. It is $78. I can't find this clothing line online at all. No. No to $78 and no lumps. I got this same shirt in black in my last fix. I didn't keep it then because of the price (and the lumps) and I'm not keeping it now.

This is the Collective Concepts Geoffry Geo Print blouse. It is $68. I might have liked this if it hadn't been navy blue and orange. I am repelled by this color combination. I'm also not that big a fan of the print itself. Here it is up close.

Here it is far away. I feel like I'm wearing a bib. I can't find this particular shirt on sale online anywhere else. I think I need that whiskey now.

This is the Katherine Barclay Ziza Chain Detailed Sleeveless Blouse. $28. It's a reasonable price, anyway. Ok. It's friggin freezing. I need sleeves. I can't even think about this. The chain detail feels....odd to me. Maybe it's my OCD, but the fact that it's asymmetrical bugs me.

So, I realize you can see my bra. I thought about changing it and then decided not to because I wanted to illustrate how sheer this blouse is. It's not lined. At all. I probably would have kept it if it was lined. I'm also not a fan of white. I'm going to check that off as a color not to send me. I'm also going to check the color blue. I seem to be getting a lot of it and I have to wear navy blue scrubs every day to work. I'm all blued out. I don't think this looks bad on except for the fact that it isn't lined.

I apologize for the state of my mirror. I didn't realize that it was this dirty until I took this photo. However, I'm too tired to do anything about it now. Next time, kids. This is the Mystree Charlie Mixed Stripe Maxi skirt. I own 2 striped maxi skirts already. I paid less than $30 for each of them. At $68 this was too expensive. Can't find this particular item online either.

This is the one piece I'm considering keeping. This would be the Mystree Abigail Colorblock lace trim top. It is $58. Can't find it online anywhere. It's pretty. I pinned it, in fact as an example of one of their products that I liked. It's thin and sleeveless, but it's classic and timeless and I do have a black cardigan I can pair this with until temperatures improve.

Here's the up close of the lace detail.

I would be annoyed to lose my $20. I also have a $25 credit, so it'd only be another $13. I will keep it. It'll fit in to my wardrobe well, I know I look good in it and I'll get compliments. 

There it is guys. Will I schedule another one? Yeah. I'm a sucker. I REALLY want a box with 5 pieces I love. *sigh* I don't know. This service has been so up and down. I find when they miss the mark, they REALLY miss it. When they get it right, though, it's so great. I guess that's the chance you take. I did tell them at checkout that I would prefer to wait if they can't accommodate me. Maybe they'll add it as an option? What do you guys think? Has anyone out there gotten a fix and felt differently? The same? Do you think I'm being too persnickety? 


  1. That really sucks that they got it sooooo wrong. I'm kind of amazed that they sent you the same shirt twice.

    I got my receipt today, I'm cautiously optimistic:
    Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress
    Sound familiar? You loved yours.

    Clancy Stitched Stripe Open Cardigan
    I pinned an open cardigan and a couple regular ones belted. We shall see.

    Claudia Banded Dolman Sleeve Top
    Dolman sleeves on my boobs? I'll reserve judgement until I try it on, but I don't expect great things

    Amelia Multi Chevron Stripe Scarf
    I was kinda hoping for a scarf, actually.

    Partridge Fold-Over Cowl Neck Knit Top
    Cowl necks can be iffy on me, we'll see.

  2. I DO love that dress. Hides all flaws. Simple, classic. Can be dressed up or down.
    I am not a fan of the batwing look. It looks great on some people. I don't like it on me. I'm interested to see your other pieces. I love a cowl neck. And as you know, I am a scarf-a-holic. I love my bird scarf. I would be optimistic with that fix too. Boo. It only adds to my disappointment. Why does yours sound cool and mine was so terrible? More whiskey.