Saturday, February 1, 2014

Klutch Box Best of Box

Why hello there dear readers. reader? Either way. I recently scored a deal to get a best of Klutch box for free. Well, mostly free. I paid $8 shipping. I decided that that was a pretty sweet deal. Klutch box is full of healthy products for your outsides and your insides and I thought I'd share with you the sweet deal I got for $8. I did eat a bag of chips that I forgot to photograph before I ate it. It was made of rice and beans and pico de gallo flavored. They were alright. Tasty enough, but not so much that I'd seek it out and buy it on my own. Gluten free though, so that was good.

This here is some ultra purified water, so they say. Apparently it's free of all possible contaminants and therefore hydrates better. I can't really comment on how scientifically sound that is. 

I've had other gnu foods bars before, they're ok. This one was pretty freaking tasty. It was moist and cinnamon raisin-y. I would recommend this as a tasty healthy snack.

So this here is some banana blueberry energy fruit puree. I haven't eaten this yet.

Here are the assortment of body products I received. There's  bottle of oral therapy wash that's supposed to promote healthy teeth, breath, and gums. It's herbal. There's a wound spray that's supposed to speed up the healing of cuts and abrasions. This will really come in handy for me. My kitten is a little monster who likes to wrestle. There's a brightening shampoo that's free of sulfates, parabens and all other nasty stuff. A razor, clearly. Finally, a face primer with SPF 30 that's supposed to improve the quality of your skin. 

I'm excited about these tasty noms. Particularly the indian rice dish. 

Yogi tea, with coupon. Always tasty. 

Assortment of coupons. The footzy folds one looks promising. Most of the shoes there are around $60. Maybe I can combine them? I'll definitely review the wound spray in order to get a free one. The retrofit seems kind of not a great deal. It's "$600 off", but is still crazy expensive for a long distance personal trainer/life coach deal. Cory vines is athletic apparel. 

For $8, I'm super pleased with the value of this box. I've definitely found some things that I'd be willing to purchase again. I'm happier using all natural products anyhoo and this was a terrific introduction to some new products. 

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