Friday, February 14, 2014

Popsugar Must Have February 2014 Review

Hello out there. Are you up to your eyeballs in snow? I sure as hell am. Pretty sick of it, but whats a girl to do? At least I rent, so someone cleans up my driveway and sidewalk for me. :-D

So, as you may be aware I have become...somewhat addicted to subscription boxes. My Subscription Addiction has been enabling me. She posts coupon codes all the time which permit me to try all these boxes out at a reduced price. So, recently there was a 50% off coupon for The Popsugar Must Have Box, which has become one of the most talked about boxes out there in internet land, so I decided to try it our for $20 instead of the usual $40. This is what came in the box. I yoinked this photo from My Subscription Addiction too.

The clutch looking thing is a jewelry roll from Gorjana valued at  $45. There are three zippered pockets inside. I'm thinking it will make a better clutch than jewelry roll. The color is a smidgen more orangey in person. I adore it. I will definitely be using it this spring as a clutch. It's too cute. I also got a $25 gift card to use on their website. I got an ADORABLE ring.
It was $40, so it was very reasonable at $15. Plus shipping, of course.

The Sugarwish candy ($6) was a bag full of tiny cinnamon hearts. There was also a coupon code, but I'm not going to be using it. I can get candy I like cheaper and I really don't need any dang candy.

The face serum is from Nourish ($24), an organic brand that I've seen at Whole Foods. I bought a vanilla body lotion of theirs awhile ago and love it. This serum has argan oil, rosehip and apricot in it. I put it on last night and it left my skin feeling very moisturized. This is going to become part of my evening routine.

The lip color is a lipstick/lip gloss duo from Model Co. ($25). It's a really adorable nude color on me. I really like it. I layered the gloss over the lipstick and my mouth looked all model-y and hot. Rowr.

The candle is a travel candle from K. Hall ($11). It smells like Peony. I was a little worried that it would be too floral for me, but it smells so beautiful. I'm stoked that I like it. Scents are very hit or miss with me.

The Nail polish is by NCLA in the color Rodeo Drive Royalty ($16). It's a nice dark red. I'm not sure how it'll stand up against the Julep polishes I'm addicted to, but it's a nice color, so I'm willing to give it a whirl.

Then there's the Dial ($3)....o_O.....yeah. Well, I guess Dial is itchy to promote their new body wash and is hitting the subscription box arena, so this one was a "special extra". Not so much on the special. I will not use this. I have some Body Shop chocolate body wash I'm addicted to right now. Also, I prefer not to put synthetic everything all over my super sensitive skin. My roommate won't use it either. He likes bar soap. Maybe I can pawn it off on my sister and her fiance? Takers?

The total combined value of the box not including the gift card was $130. I'm not counting the gift card because I had to spend money to use it. I spent $21.50, so I'm pretty excited about the value of it. There were A SCHLOAD (yes, that's a word) of negative reviews about this box on the internet. I'm not really sure why? Maybe we're all getting too spoiled by these things? I've said before that I might feel...meh about products, but I can't really get pissed off with these things if I'm getting more value out of it than what I paid.  If I HAD to come up with a complaint it would be that this box was very beauty focused and I was hoping for a little more variation. It IS supposed to be a lifestyle box, so there should be home things in there too. There has been more variety of items in previous boxes. I can't see myself keeping this up for very long because it's kind of on the expensive side, but I do want to get the March box to see if there are any St. Paddy's Day items in it (There better be St. Paddy's Day items in it. *shifty eyes*).

FYI, I have another Plated box (I guess I should talk about the first one?) coming next week, a Petit Vour box coming in March and the FabFitFun VIP box ALSO coming in March. I'm super excited about that one because it's supposed to contain $175 worth of items. I had a coupon for that one too. It's a quarterly box, so there's only 4 every year and I feel a little better about spending that amount of money on something that isn't every month. I also got sent another coupon for a Klutch box. I really liked the first one, so $10 for box number two was beyond reasonable. And a friend of mine encouraged me to try Graze box. It's $5 a box, but your 1st and 5th boxes are free and it comes with 4 different bags of snacks. You can specify what kinds of flavors you like and let them know if you have a food allergy. I'm excited for that one too. I'm always looking for healthy snack alternatives.

It's all sunshiney out now. I hope some of this friggin' snow melts. Ugh. Can it be spring, please?

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