Friday, November 22, 2013

Stitch Fix #2

HEY HEY HEY! It's that time again!!!! Stitch Fix arrived today! So, like the anxious little bunny I am, I cheated and checked out my receipt online prior to receiving my delivery and I became SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. You may remember from my last Stitch Fix that I was terribly disappointed by the boring, expensive and not that cute stuff they sent me. I was polite, but very honest in my feedback. I was bummed, man. No accessories, no prints, no quirky anything. And on top of it, more expensive than I could afford. So when I saw my receipt which included a herringbone-esque print dress, a sleeveless dress, a quirky print top, a quirky print cardigan and a necklace I KNEW someone had paid attention. Stitch Fix, you made me a believer. FYI: They do not compensate me. These are my own thoughts and opinions and I paid for everything with my own hard earned dollars. No one is getting a special deal here.  

Do y'all even know what Stitch Fix is? It's an online personal stylist/shopper. You fork over $20, you fill out a lengthy questionnaire, you maybe create a pinterest board for them. They send you 5 items. If you buy, the $20 you already spent gets put toward your purchase. If you buy all 5 pieces, you get 25% off. Not a bad deal. Plus, no crowds, no annoying sales people, and you're trying stuff on at home. Your box comes with styling cards to help you put your new clothes to use AND a giant envelope to send the stuff you don't want back. You pay nothing to return your items. I even schedule a package pick up online, so I just have to put the envelope on my front steps. It's literally hassle free. The clothes CAN run on the expensive side, however, they are still cheaper than some fancy retail stores I could name. You can also tell them how much you're willing to spend. 

On to the attire!
So, I'm not wearing anything because the freaking hall lightbulb went out and I have no lightbulbs to replace it with at present. So it was very dark near my full length mirror. Sorry. You'll have to take me at my word for the fit. ALSO, I had a new stylist this time. Her name was Sasha and she has done a GREAT job. I hope I get her for my next fix (hint hint) *fingers crossed*.

This is the Yumi Benedict Swan Print Peter Pan Collar Top. It was marked as $68. I did some price checking. This shirt happens to be on sale at present, but it's regular retail price is more expensive than the Stitch Fix price. The cardigan you'll see later is MUCH cheaper on Stitch Fix than on the Yumi website. Call me impressed. So, I LOVE the swans. Love love love. The button side happens to be the back. I would have kept this, but the cut and the neckline made me look like a School Marm from the 19th Century. No good. Really cute print, though. I also felt like this was maybe not the best quality of fabric and stitching. I'm sending this one back.

 This is the front

This dress is the Honey Punch Lina Mini Chevron knit dress. $64. Again, LOVE the print however, I am short in the torso and the way the waistline hit me, I looked even shorter (all boobs, no torso) and boxy. It was a beautiful heavy knit too. I was a bit sad it made me look wide. This one goes back too. 

This is the 41 Hawthorn Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress. It says it's navy. Looked black to me. *shrug* $68. It looked boring on the hanger, but when I put it on......This dress FIT LIKE A GLOVE. IN FACT, I thought it made my figure look better than it actually is. It's snug at the smallest part of my waist without accentuating the flabby parts and flares just enough to cover any other potential lumpy parts. It's a fabulous thick fabric that hangs beautifully. 

 Maybe it is Navy. Here's the close up of the waist detailing. I need a shiny little bolero to jazz it up for the holidays. Yes. I said jazz it up. No, I was not born in 1924. I'm keeping this dress. It will work for a ton of social situations. And I can easily JAZZ IT UP. JAZZ. Moving on...o_O

So I just got back from the salon, but it's humid as all get out here, so my hair has started to misbehave. Kindly ignore the crazy flippiness. This is the 41 Hawthorn Tear Gems Fringe Bib Necklace. $28. YAY accessory. However, I didn't really like it. the gold part at the top was a little too plastic-y for me and as you can see, I could NOT get the gems to lay right. Good price, though. Back in the envelope you go.

On to the final item. Which I also kept. The Yumi Clay Owl Print Button-Up Cotton Cardigan. $48. OWLS! Owls are my favorite. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them. Fits perfectly. So in love with this. Here's the back. Note the AWESOME elbow patches and the adorable owl detail. Someone was DEFINITELY checking out my Pinterest board. 

And the front. The owls have adorable little beads for eyes. I also thought this fabric was good quality and the piece was well made. It came with a bunch of extra beads so I can repair it when the little eyes fall off. 

So, there you have it. SOMEONE used my referral code (Erika!) and I got a credit, so after all was said and done I spent $91 on the dress and the cardigan. Not bad. If I'd purchased all 5 items it would have cost me $187 which works out to about $36 a piece, which is a really reasonable amount of money to spend, IMHO. I posted my referral code under the first link and here it is again. I don't expect you to use it, but if you choose to I would be very thankful as I would get a $25 credit to use on my next fix and I am a poor lady with expensive taste. I have to say, if you do it and you're bummed with your first fix ABSOLUTELY give it one more shot. If #2 is crummy, then go ahead and call it quits. I could not be more pleased with the items they sent me this time around. Sasha even apologized for the bummer first fix in her note to me. I scheduled a third fix for December and asked for a shiny holiday piece and one on trend piece for 2014 that might be a little out of my comfort zone. I'm trying to broaden my fashion horizons, after all. I can't WAIT to see what I get!


  1. Awesome, I'll definitely be trying it after the holidays :)

    1. I definitely recommend booking your fix now. They don't charge you until they start working on it and there is a bit of a wait. :')

    2. Scheduled for the end of January :)