Wednesday, December 18, 2013

HUZZAH It's Stitch Fix #3!!!!!

Hello Readers. I am so excited to bring to you photos from my latest Stitch Fix. I didn't sign up intending to get a monthly fix, but it has kind of worked out that way and I am more than okay with that. This is the most fun ever. I throw out a bunch of ideas and my stylist picks out 5 items, wraps them in a pretty little package and they're delivered right to my doorstep! I think Sasha and I are totally vibing on each other. I was thrilled that she was my stylist again (I did ask for her) AND that she checked out my Pinterest board AND referenced my last fix in this one in an attempt to help me build an outfit. Feel free to check out my first two fixes here  and here. I explain how this whole process works there. I would have posted this earlier, but I had a final tonight and was in full on panic mode. Fortunately I finished early and you get fashiony goodness. Behold my items:

There's something to this modeling thing. I stand like this and I look super thin. SO, I need your help as I am on the fence about this one. This is the 41 Hawthorn Franklin Solid Side Gathered Knit Shirt in black. It is $48. It is really clingy. Like, woah. The fabric is not my favorite. I can tell by the feel that it's synthetic. It's a good basic piece. Goes well with another piece I got in this box. $48, though? I could get a similar top at Target for less. I don't have any plain black tops though. Weird. Anway, what say you? Should I keep? 

LOVE THIS SWEATER. This is the Fate Garvey Tribal Print Open Front Cardigan. This item is $68. I am FO SHO keeping this. It's SO SOFT and well made and freaking adorable. I'm wearing the previous top underneath. This is right up my alley, a little bit boho, comfortable and chic. No brainer. 

Close up of the pattern. I mean, REALLY LOVE.

A SCARF! I'm a scarfaholic. Seriously. I have maybe 20. I don't care. Don't judge. I love them. And I love this one even more because I also love birds. This is the Rikka Henry Birds on a Branch Infinity Scarf. This retails for $28. I am keeping it. It's soft and fluffy and there's SO MUCH OF IT. So cozy.  And my hair looks so cute in this photo. Yay hair stylist! <3

On to the one item I was not fond of. Hoo Boy. This is the Sanchez Striped Lurex Detail Jacket. In my mind it's 1993 and I am the fifty-something mother of the bride in this jacket. Fortunately it was too small in the arm and the boob. This is actually the first thing they've sent me that hasn't really fit. This was also, $88. Ha! No. To be fair, I asked for something sparkly for the holiday and this IS sparkly. I was hoping for a top with an embellished collar or tiny sparkles on a neutral color pallet. I should have been more specific. My bad. I take some of the responsibility for this. Note my wary eyebrows. Sasha did mention that she thought I could pair this with the dress I kept from my previous fix. I really appreciated that since I do feel like that dress needs a sparkly little something. This missed the mark, though. Can't win 'em all, I suppose.

Worse when it's zipped up. Are you feeling the early 90's MoB vibe? I'm telling you, I Will Always Love You is playing in the background.  Or Ace of Base. Or Color Me Badd. 

Close up of the sparkles. BAM.

And finally we have the Kut From the Kloth O'Neil Houndstooth Hi-Lo Blouse. Houndstooth. Oh how I adore thee. This top retails for $68. I found it on Amazon in the KFTK boutique on sale for $44. The exact same top. I will more than likely buy it there. It's looser than I would normally wear, but I like the red and I like the pattern, so I figure I could rock a different fit. On the whole pricing topic, this is the first item I've found out of the 15 I've been sent that I found for less somewhere else. Note my model stance. It really works!

So, when all is said and done my total would be $180 including the 25% for all 5 pieces including my $30 credit and the $20 styling fee. I'm DEFINITELY sending the jacket back. So, I'm not getting all 5. Love the sweater and the scarf. I think I'll save my money and buy my basics at Target. So, my total of $88 - the $20 styling fee, -$30 credit and I'm paying $38 for a sweater and a scarf. Can't beat that. I have to say, I really love this service. I like the element of surprise, I even don't mind getting the one dud, it makes things a little funny. And I am being stretched out of my comfort zone, which I also like. So if you're interested check them out Here! If nothing else, I have really enjoyed getting incredibly awesome mail. Mail that has clothes in it instead of bills. 

 As always, Stitch Fix in no way compensates me or asks for my opinion. I spend my own dollars and spew my own thoughts. Anyone else get a fix? Thoughts? What did you get? I loooove to see what other people get! Until next time!

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  1. I definitely agree with you on getting your basics at target. Especially when it's not a nice fabric :P