Friday, February 7, 2014

Modcloth Haul!!!!

Hello there. It's been a hot minute since I posted. My semester has started at University of Hartford and I am up to my eyeballs in Orgo and Rhetoric. Bleccchhh.

Sorry. The GOOD news is I got quite the refund from the government and amongst other things (TRIP TO IRELAND WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!) I bought some new wardrobe items from Modcloth. I promised all my ladies I would model them long distance, so as promised, I am posting my purchases. I may cancel Stitch Fix #5 since this was QUITE the haul! I also wound up with a new iphone, since my old phone went smashy smashy on the tile and the glass shattered. I'm pretty pleased with life this week. ON TO THE CLOTHES!!!

These are the Perfect Stitch Flat in Blackbird. Combining three of my favorite things: the color green, a fat bird, and a loafer style shoe. I adore them so. So happy with this purchase!

Creatures of the Whim-sea tee. Oh modcloth. You are so clever. I love sea creatures, so I bought this shirt. YAY! It is very soft. The neck is a bit looooow, but I'll get over it.

LEGGINGS! I'm wearing these in all the photos in which I have pants on. I caved and bought some I might actually wear out and not just to bed. Leggings are my favorite night time pant to wear because they don't get all jumbled at my knees or move around and squish my parts and make it hard to spread out. These are the Trek and See Leggings in black. They're thick, with a cool pattern to the material. The rise is a little on the LOW side, so I'll be sure to wear a looooong shirt, but I like them very much. I got a large even though I usually wear a medium and I'm glad I did.

Home is Where the Helm is sweater. More like a sweatshirt. I like it though. A bit tight in the arms, but to buy a larger size would make the rest of it HUGE. Love the pattern.

I couldn't get a great close up of this earring. They're clocks. So cute. The On the Clock earring.

The museum sketching top. Very silky soft fabric. J'adore the print. I bought a lot of tunics....

LOVE THIS TOP. Wearing it now! The Queen of Hearths sweatshirt. It's pretty thin, but comfy and I adore the design. SO. FLIPPIN. CUTE. Does everyone also love my adorable iphone case? I do too.

This is my favorite shirt as far as feel and fit. It feels like 100% silk. It's the perfect length, the perfect fit, a great color. I'm so happy with this. If you decide to buy anything based on my reviews today, buy this. Comes in all sizes.

I really love this one too. My boobs are ALMOST too big for it. No padded bras for me in this shirt. It's a WONDERFUL flannel. Bonfires Tunic in Brown Plaid. 

This dress was the one I was looking most forward to and it didn't disappoint. It fits perfectly. I like the sleeves and the casual vibe. The green and black rugby stripes are also incredible cute. I dig the pocket. The Brewpub Brilliant Dress. I need some thick black tights and my riding boots and I'm all set.

I also bought some lacy tights that I'm not taking out of the package until I wear them. If you're interested in checking them out they're the Intricately Exquisite Tights.

So that's my massive Modcloth purchase. Everything fit and I'm so happy. Yay tax dollars. You may be wondering about the Ireland trip I mentioned. That'll be another post. Sorry. I'm all posted out for the moment. :)