Saturday, February 22, 2014

My First Graze Box

I was out for cocktails the other night with a few of my ladies discussing our problems with subscription boxes and they told me about the Graze Box. It's full of awesome sweet or savory snacks. Their focus is on healthy, whole food snacks. I should mention that the packaging the snacks come in is recycled and they even offer ideas on how you can further reuse the packaging. They make over 90 different snack mixes. Everything is portioned out in cute little packs and you get 4 different snackies per box. The first and fifth boxes are free and it's only $5 a box. Given the free stuff and the already awesomely low price, I could not refuse. The sign up process is pretty simple. You give them your information, you let them know if you have any food allergies and you're on your way. You can also specify how much you like the items they already have based on their descriptions. I hate super spicy things, so I nixed everything that was full of cayenne pepper. However, I LOVE wasabi and horseradish, so I gave those a big thumbs up. After you get each box you can rate how much you liked each snack and you SHOULD because they have an algorithm that tells them what to send you based on how much you like what they've already received. I wish they let you leave feedback, but so far its just a rating scale.

For my first box I received smoky bbq corn snacks, white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake snack mix, eleanor's apple berry crumble and summer berry flapjacks. I was hoping for 2 savory and 2 sweet because I'm more of a savory snack kind of girl, but I want to try everything, so maybe in the next box I'll get more savory things. Here are the photos of the box and the nutritional information that they send you. As you can see all the snacks are pretty healthy from a nutrition standpoint. I don't feel like eating anyone of these would make me fall off the diet wagon.

So far I've only eaten the bbq corn and cashews and the berry crumble. The berry crumble was SUPER delicious. The bbq corn and cashews was good, but a little too salty. This is why I wish I could provide more detailed feedback. I'd totally try out the bbq corn again if they reduced the salt. If you're a fan of dried fruit and nuts and seeds, like I am, this is definitely a great choice. I will more than likely stick to this because I'm always looking for little snacks to take to school, since colleges primarily serve terrible teenager food. Someone who's concerned about the elasticity of their arteries wants to eat something a smidgen healthier. You can specify nut allergies and gluten allergies when you order, fyi, so you'll never be sent something that will send you into anaphylaxis. I only wish I could get them every week instead of every other week. Nom nom nom. 

If the Graze Box interests you, this is my friend code: D3ZC1ZGYP


  1. you CAN get then every week if you go to the options settings. My wish is 5 snacks not 4 so it would get me through the work week without even one trip to the reese's cups machine.

    1. Ooooh. Maybe I should switch that up. Yeah, 5 would be better. Mmmm reese's cups...nom nom nom