Sunday, March 16, 2014

Graze Box Yummies!

Hello Interwebs. How are we on this delightful Sunday? I'm already lamenting the end of the weekend. It really should be longer. Work is BS. Sorry. Moving on....I have gotten two more Graze boxes since the first and I have to say I am rather pleased with them overall. They've been a great go-to snack when I'm hungry, have no time and don't want to eat garbage. Here's what I've gotten since we last talked snacks.

Cocoa Paradise
Cracking Black Pepper Cashews

Little Figgy Went to Market
Cookies and Cream
Walnut and Vanilla Truffle

Salsa Fresca
Mississippi BBQ Pistachios

Pina Colada
 My absolute favorites so far have been the Walnut and Vanilla Truffle and the Pina Colada. The Salsa Fresca was okay, but I really like fresh salsa and this was a bit more like the canned stuff you can buy, obviously. The nutritional information can be found here. And as always, I have a Referral Code. I highly recommend this because it's inexpensive, it's good for busy people and you can make tweaks. You won't get anything you might be allergic to. You can choose a low calorie option. You can even say you just don't like something. For instance I LOVE wasabi and horseradish, but HATE cayenne pepper spiciness, so I went through the snacks and eliminated anything that might have cayenne pepper in it as an option. You rate everything after you taste it and they build a better profile for you based on your taste preferences, so the more you try the better they get at figuring out what you like. I'm a big fan.

What other things do I have coming up the pipeline? Well, I'm about to do the Pop Sugar March review, I also got my Birchbox this month...My BULU Box has shipped ($30 for 6 months of boxes!) and so did the Petit Vour ($15/month) FINALLY. I also got the Vegan Cuts Essentials Beauty Box (a one time delivery $27.95) that will be coming soon as well. The Pop Sugar Resort Box (This was a splurge. Also a one time delivery) I ordered is due to ship at the end of March. I ordered another Plated Delivery because there was a coupon code. Again. I know I'm addicted. Sad, but true. I AM finding out a whole lot about some products I really like and getting them at awesome bargains, so I can't really complain. I've been tooling around on my favorite subscription box blogs and they all say that after the initial "WOW" of bargains and new stuff that you start to get really choosy and stop getting so many boxes because it simply isn't worth the money. I would FOR SURE not order Plated boxes if there weren't coupon codes. It's just too expensive. I almost forgot the FabFitFun box. This is like an unhinged ferris wheel rolling swiftly toward the ocean, isn't it? WELP, I'm still paying my bills and saving for my Summer of Awesome Vacations, so I suppose it could be worse. At least it's semi-interesting reading for you guys. If nothing else, you can stare at the trainwreck that is my addiction. Imma do the PopSugar March box next. It was SO. GOOD.

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