Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vegan Cuts Beauty Essentials Box

As I sit here at home on a Saturday night, a bit under the weather from the ENORMOUS amount of food I consumed at the maple sugar house, I bring you reviews of the many items I received this week from my sad, sad addiction to shiny packages that arrive on my doorstep. This time around it's the Vegan Cuts Beauty Essentials box. Now, Vegan Cuts has a monthly beauty and snack box subscription, but this was a one time purchase of some of their favorite stuff. I've been meaning to check out the vegan beauty scene and I thought for $27.95 this would be a good way to do it. Here's what they sent me:

I'm going to try to list them in some kind of order so you can match them up. Staring in the back...

  • A cute canvas make-up bag that says Vegan Cuts on it. 
  • Lotus Moon Vitamin B Hydrating Gel ~ this stuff is supposed to increase elasticity, reduce sebum production, inhibit inflammation, prevent clogged pores, and minimize dark spots. 
  • Meow Meow Tweet Body Tonic in Geranium Basil ($3) ~ This stuff smells great and is supposed to balance and tone skin.
  • Rainbow Honey Nail Polish ($4) ~ The color is a red sparkle called Persephone. Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate. Sweet.
  • Weleda Wild Rose Body Lotion ($2) ~ I love Weleda. I have a bunch of their lotions already. Everything smells AMAZING and they're very moisturizing. 
  • Sunology SPF for face and body ($2)
  • Soapbox Black Soap Body and Soul Wash ($0.50)
  • North Coast Organics Deodorant ($3.75) ~ I'm always interested to try all natural deodorant. I've had bad luck with them in the past. I hate to smell like yucky armpit smell and have yet to find a natural deodorant that prevents it.
  • Pacifica Coconut Kiss Lip Butter ($10) ~ This one was full size, which I LOVE. I am ADDICTED to Pacifica. I LOVE their blood orange scented products and will happily take anything they make.
  • Earth Enrichments Lemon Soap ($1) ~ This stuff is making the box smell AMAZING. I love lemon!
  • LA FRESH face wipes ($1) ~ I used one of these last night. It did a pretty good job and smelled GREAT.
  • The All-Natural Face, Lip, and Cheek Color in Dusty Rose ($5.75) ~ I used this today as blush and lip color and I loved the texture and the light flush it gave my lips and cheeks
  • Beauty Without Cruelty Lavender Shampoo ($1.50)

Not including the one sample I couldn't get a size on to determine value or the adorable bag, this box was worth $34.50. I'm pleased with the quality of the products and with the variety. If you're interested, I think the Vegan Cuts website is still doing this box as well as a vegan snack box, which I also ordered. Go ahead and check it out.


  1. If you're willing to go with a deodorant that's not also an antiperspirant I've been having *really* good results with the salt stick. I use sweatblock for my antiperspirant.

    1. Interesting. I find that in the warmer months I REALLY need the clinical strength stuff. I know it's not earthy crunchy, but I really cannot stand wetness and odor. Maybe I'm conditioned that way, but it bothers me all damn day long.