Sunday, April 13, 2014

Things I cooked today. Yum.

Hey kids. I've been a smidgen absentee. We changed to a new computer system at work and it's been beyond awful. Try to picture the worst possible go-live you can think of and that's what its been. I volunteered to work for overtime monies yesterday and I sincerely wish I hadn't. Ugh. I also found out I was going to have to switch schools again. Joy of Joys. So, I've been a little fried as of late.

I did manage to pull it together today long enough to make lunches for the week, homemade lemonade, lemon bread and beer bread. I even cleaned up after myself. Don't pass out or anything. I wanted to share the recipes with you. I found a recipe on The Spark for mexican rice and bean bowls, that I altered somewhat. Basically, I rinsed two cans of black beans and cooked up some brown rice. Then I diced a small onion and sauteed it in olive oil for 5 minutes or so. I added minced garlic for the last two. Then I threw in some ground turkey and seasoned it with Penzey's taco spice. When the turkey was cooked, I threw in a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes and cooked that until the liquid reduced to about half as much. Then you just layer rice, beans and meat in a little travel bowl to bring to work. I topped it with plain greek yogurt. It's pretty damn tasty, and paleo, and gluten free and clean and all that healthy stuff. One Perfect Bite provided the beer bread recipe, which was easy and SO GOOD. All crusty on the outside and soft and chewy inside. The beer I used was a bottle of Ten Penny Ale. The lemon bread recipe came from On Sutton Place. It was so good and super easy too. I didn't bother with the lemon extract. I just added a bit more zest. I'm sure you could de-glutenify these recipes if you got creative.

I ran out of energy. More later. I finally got the Popsugar Resort Box. It was kind of a let down. :-/

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